Sunday, 10 August 2008

Giving A Voice To Communities

Giving a voice to the man in the street

Council Watch is now looking for supporters to join its web based campaign to monitor and report on the actions of their local authority.

Are you an individual, group or campaigners who have had enough of being ignored by your local authority, Councillors and MP’s.

Are you fed up with the lack of opportunities for young people, the ever increasing cost of living, sales of public assets, promises being broken yet having to pay more and more for in your council tax.

You now have the chance to do something about it......

Telford Council watch has run a wed site for almost 2 years placing pressure on the local authority and giving a voice to the residents throughout Shropshire on a wide variety of topics.

We have successfully campaigned on a wide variety of issues, but more importantly, our voice is not only being heard, but it is also being taken noticed of.

We support other communities throughout the UK who now want their own Council Watch web site and we are offering this free service to residents throughout the UK.

Do you want to affect change in YOUR Community

Do you want to give residents the voice they need.

Do you want to make a difference for future generations.

Now you have the chance to do just that.

Change does not happen over night, at the same time it will never happen if you do nothing.

We will set you up a web site, giving you a place where you can have your say, place up your views, news, ideas and discuss ideas about your community in an online forum. This will ultimately bring people together and address this unfair balance that is in our political system.

The time is now, but do expect it to take time and few committed individuals can affect positive change in their communities.

Want to know more, visit our flag ship web site at or contact John Franklyn at the following

Phone- John Franklyn 0n 01952 676990 – Mobile – 07856 572936

Email –

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