Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Review Of Events

A review of recent events

Telford Town Park has achieved national notoriety, but unfortunately, it has been for all the wrong reasons, but where did it all start.

The initial problems with the Town Park started when the Labour administration carried a strategic move of introducing new boundaries to the Town Park.

In essence, this gives the Town Park two Boundaries, a political boundary and the real external boundary, unfortunately, this now means that developers are crawling all over the place to build in the area of the political boundary and the real boundary.

Although, a group named ‘Friends of The Town Park’ was developed, this gave the impression of community involvement, but realistically, they are merely an extension of the Council.

The real credit for raising the needs of the Town Park goes to HOOP, who raised the profile of the Town Park to new heights. HOOP are the real knowledge and drive behind the Town Park.

The issues of Telford Town Park have been hidden behind technicalities, political jargon, lies and closed doors.

The fortune of the ‘Jewel in the crown’ appeared to have changed, with the change of administration.

The original lottery application was stopped and we entered into the promised open and honest council and consultation.

This proved to be nothing more than a hoax.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Whole World Cannot Be Wrong

As discussed on

Telford and Wrekin Council are now trying to back track on the issue of and as they put in writing,

“Staff approach adults that are not associated with any children in the Town Park and request the reason for them being there”

They have also accused the Shropshire Star of exaggerating the story, I and others firmly believe that the Shropshire Star have covered this crazy issue very thoroughly and fairly, including video evidence of the councils attempt to enforce a police state.

And now on Radio 5 live Ron Odunaiya says this policy has been in force for 9 years and he then went on to lie further saying a man on his own will not be approached, yet the video evidence filmed by The Shropshire Star clearly displayed this happening. I will record this radio interview and place it in a podcast for all to listen to.

This denial shows just how “cover ups” and a constant stream of “denial” is flooding through the Council and the likes of Ron Odunaiya have been allowed to get away with it for far too long.

Telford and Wrekin Council constantly flounder from one disaster to the next and the issue of the Town Park goes beyond the Penguin Scenario. I am sure those who attended the initial Town Park meeting in 2007 when invited parties were given the choice of three options to discuss and Cllr Steve Bentley said

“Doing nothing is not an option”

Removing one of the Choices we were given.

The same people will also recall the vote that happened, Officers, Cllr’s, Groups and residents conducted a vote about the future of the Arena, which came out about even, but when residents and groups left the room,

Officers and Councillors then conducted a second vote tipping the outcome in their favour.

Another example of the devious tricks the Council will play in order to get their way.

The same residents will also recall that the minutes of this meeting were taken, when requested, the Council failed to release them, Council Leader Andrew Eade ignored my request for a copy of minutes to a meeting I and others attended, but only released them when,

I submitted a Freedom of Information request to get access to a set of minutes for a public meeting.

Telford and Wrekin Council have been condemned by
Kidscape and The home Office,

They have been covered in the national news and through a great many websites and blogs throughout the internet and condemned by people as far away as the USA.

Yet, the ONLY people who believe they are doing the right thing are Telford and Wrekin Council, surely the whole world cannot be wrong.

When the Conservative Party were running their election Campaign prior to the May elections they included in their leaflet and I quote directly,

An Open and Honest Council that Responds to the Community – saying

The Conservative group will bring to an end a Labour Administration that has become tired, defensive, dictatorial and out of touch with the needs and expectations of a community that it supposedly represents.

We will open up council thinking and decision making to work hand in glove with the Community and ensure a transparent debate on key issues that affect us all at the present time and in the future. Social and Health Care, the level and type of Housing Development across the borough, the Town Centre and Town Park Developments, the Green Network, and the ‘City regions’ represent huge challenges and changes for us all.

They go on further to say

We will be honest, open and ‘up front’ on problems and difficult issues

Just like Council Leader Cllr Andrew Eade promised to give residents a voice at Full Council and the ability to talk at planning meetings,

Cllr Andrew Eade and the Conservative Administration have failed to maintain and deliver the most basic of promises they made prior to the 2007 elections and started to fall at the very first hurdle.

Are Telford and Wrekin Council and the Conservative Administration now going to deny they,

*Messed up the issue of Telford Town Park
*Messed up Asset Sales seeing businesses sold out
*Removed monies from libraries - £18k
*Removed monies from local help groups - £5k
*Removed Monies from Homelessness Storage -£5k
*Increased the cost of Carers Support
*Increased the cost of meals on wheels
*Joined the City Region
*Still have Transforming Telford after condemning them
*Looking at setting up another quango
*Messed up the EP A442
*Put up the Bridge School for Sale
*Introduced a charge for bulk waste collections
*Remain with 2 weekly household waste collections
*Struck a £22.3 million deal with housing developers
*Increased the amount of top earners in the Council
*Filled a budget gap by selling a Car Park in Donnington

Telford and Wrekin Council continue to flounder from one mess to the next and stumble from cover up to the next.

Telford and Wrekin Council, write letters, write Policy, place various articles in various media publications, but when a resident refers to it

“The resident is accused of misleading the public”

I am pleased to note that Cllr Kuldip Sahota has had the courage to say,

“this Council policy has gone too far and is perverse and even grotesque”

I for one will not let this issue go, I will still openly but peacefully protest in Telford Town Park on Saturday 13th September 2008 from 1030 am starting at the Arena.

And I for one will continue to campaign on multi issues that affect our Community on a daily basis, that is often as a direct result of Telford and Wrekin Councils failure to maintain the most basic of promises they continue to make whilst continuing to break.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Giving A Voice To Communities

Giving a voice to the man in the street

Council Watch is now looking for supporters to join its web based campaign to monitor and report on the actions of their local authority.

Are you an individual, group or campaigners who have had enough of being ignored by your local authority, Councillors and MP’s.

Are you fed up with the lack of opportunities for young people, the ever increasing cost of living, sales of public assets, promises being broken yet having to pay more and more for in your council tax.

You now have the chance to do something about it......

Telford Council watch has run a wed site for almost 2 years placing pressure on the local authority and giving a voice to the residents throughout Shropshire on a wide variety of topics.

We have successfully campaigned on a wide variety of issues, but more importantly, our voice is not only being heard, but it is also being taken noticed of.

We support other communities throughout the UK who now want their own Council Watch web site and we are offering this free service to residents throughout the UK.

Do you want to affect change in YOUR Community

Do you want to give residents the voice they need.

Do you want to make a difference for future generations.

Now you have the chance to do just that.

Change does not happen over night, at the same time it will never happen if you do nothing.

We will set you up a web site, giving you a place where you can have your say, place up your views, news, ideas and discuss ideas about your community in an online forum. This will ultimately bring people together and address this unfair balance that is in our political system.

The time is now, but do expect it to take time and few committed individuals can affect positive change in their communities.

Want to know more, visit our flag ship web site at or contact John Franklyn at the following

Phone- John Franklyn 0n 01952 676990 – Mobile – 07856 572936

Email –